Personal Injury

Were you injured in a car accident? A slip and fall? Make sure you have a lawyer before talking with insurance companies. If you are suffering from an injury, this can be frustrating, painful, and life-changing, making it difficult and stressful to navigate the legal system. Contact Barbara J. Bowers now for a consultation, she takes pride in providing compassionate legal guidance for those who have been wrongfully injured. She will explore all your options with you until she has achieved the best outcome to compensate for your unique injury.

Criminal Defense

DWI / DUI / Traffic Tickets and Violations — If you have been arrested for DWI or a related offense in North Carolina do not hesitate to contact an attorney. There are strict time limitations so it is crucial that you exercise your legal rights without delay. Contact Barbara J. Bowers now for a consultation.

Misdemeanors / Felonies — If you are facing any misdemeanor or felony charges in North Carolina contact Barbara J. Bowers now for a consultation. She defends clients charged with any offenses including but not limited to drug crimes, sex crimes, property crimes, white collar crimes, or violent felonies. Barbara will fight for you at all stages of your criminal case to achieve the best outcome possible.

Civil Litigation

Barbara J. Bowers represents both Plaintiffs and Defendants in civil matters. Have you have been wronged and would like to explore filing a lawsuit? Are you being sued? She will handle your case from start to finish with a timely and effective approach. Contact Barbara J. Bowers now for a consultation.

Family Law

Family Law is often the most sensitive area of the law and requires a compassionate attorney who can guide and advise you through such a difficult period in your life. Whether you are exploring the possibility of a divorce, struggling with your present child custody arrangement, or are seeking to obtain a guardianship or adoption, Barbara J. Bowers can resolve these pressing and sensitive issues. Contact Barbara J. Bowers now for a consultation.


Barbara J. Bowers’ legal practice is not limited to specific areas of the law. Do you have a legal problem or just want to explore your options? Contact Barbara J. Bowers now for a consultation to see if she can help you in any way.